Friday, April 13, 2012

Jeffrey Steele

This is Jeffrey Steele in his studio - the photo was taken by David in the early 1960s. Jeffrey was part of a group of Welsh artists called the 56 Group Wales. (The group was formed in 1956 - so of course is now celebrating its 56th anniversary year).


caitlin said...

Hi, I'm trying to find if it is at all possible to use some of David Trace's wonderful photos of Camden Lock in a book I'm writing about the Market. Please could you let me know? Many thanks Caitlin Davies

Shakya said...

Hi Caitlin,
I'd be pleased to see if I can help - please leave your email address here and I'll be in touch
Best wishes

caitlin said...

Hi Shakya, i'm so sorry, i've only just seen your response. please do email me many thanks