Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Uncle

David was my mother Barbara’s ‘big little’ brother - married to Mike - see below).

So I am his niece and my fondest memory of David (and for others I'm sure) were his world-famous 'breakfast shows'. His flat, with endless floors and staircases, would be filled with art and photography exhibits as well as the smell of roasting bubble and squeak and laver bread.

Creativity runs deep on my mother's side of the family and being an art student myself in the late 80s, it was all terribly 'terribly bohemian'. One could be wandering around with a sausage sandwich made from bread bought fresh that morning from Harrods looking at wonderful black and white prints of some distant shores, or deep quarries on Wales.

David was also always encouraging creativity in others. He would by art books and materials for my mother to try and re-kindle her talent. He would also spend hours arguing the merits of fine art vs commercial photography with my father – a heated discussion that would be!

Never a more Welsh man you could meet - considering he had lived in London for so long. He will be missed in Wales just as much as our fair capital.

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