Sunday, November 17, 2013

David Trace Photographs for the City of London too!

I knew that David's archive photographs included Westminster, Camden and Lambeth - but it seems he also did some work for the City of London. The photos were in the collection at the Guildhall Library, but they're now at the London Metropolitan Archives.

I recently got the following email from Jeremy Smith - it's lovely hearing yet more people say how much they enjoyed working with David:

Guildhall Library, where I used to work, would from time to time receive a visit from Mr Trace. He mostly came to see Ralph Hyde, and later John Fisher, who were the managers of the photographs collection (and maps and prints and drawings) in the Library. I know that they used to very much like working with Mr Trace because, I think, they found him very much in tune with what the library needed for the collection – little explanation was needed, and he was also always unvaryingly obliging.
Jeremy tells me that the photographs can be viewed on terminals in the reading rooms at the London Metropolitan Archives in Clerkenwell, if you want to go and see them

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