Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lambeth Archive Photographs by David

Between the early 1960s and the late 1990s David took thousands of photographs in Lambeth, in collaboration with Yvette at the Minet Library. Yvette, who also died recently, was an aunt of David's brother-in-law Michael Crichton. Here are links to a few of the photographs, on the Lambeth Landmark website.

  • South Bank House

  • East Brixton Railway Station

  • Bowden Street, Kennington

  • Stables, South Island Place:
  • Interior view

  • Interior view

  • View of the yard from adjoining library building

  • Harness maker in foreground

  • View of yard with side of stables and carts

  • View of yard with stablemen, side of stables and carts

  • Outside the stable with stableman and recently groomed horse

  • A photograph from 1890, printed by David:
  • Rose & Sons, builders, carpenters and furniture repository
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